Landlord Insurance rates in San Diego

Do you own a rental property in San Diego, California?  When was the last time that you reviewed your Landlord Insurance in San Diego California?

It’s always good to review your insurance policy on a regular basis to make sure you have the correct type of insurance policy and sufficient coverage.

Have you made any improvements to your home, do you have sufficient dwelling coverage?  Do you have enough loss of use or loss of rents coverage?  Is your home rented out on a long term or short term basis?  These are some of the many questions to consider when reviewing landlord insurance?

Size of home, year built, roof type, number of claims all contribute to factors for landlord’s insurance rates.  Landlord Insurance rates are very affordable.  Going with a higher deductible can help reduce your rate.

Give us a call today at 619-299-6000 for a coverage review, landlord insurance quotes, or comparison on your landlord insurance in San Diego.  We represent multiple landlord insurance company’s to help you compare and save.

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