High Risk Fire Insurance in San Diego

Our agency is appointed with the California FAIR plan to help provide insurance options for those home and properties in high fire risk areas.

More and more homeowners insurance carriers in San Diego and California are tightening their guidelines on what areas they can provide insurance coverage.  One house might be insurable and the home down the street might not be insurable by a homeowners insurance carrier due to being in next to canyon, too close to brush, fireline score, protection class etc.  Don’t worry, we can still help you with a policy through the California FAIR plan along with a Difference in Conditions policy.

Did you know that you can customize your California FAIR Plan insurance policy?   Most of the coverages can be fine tuned to your needs.  You can also pick and choose coverages.  For example, if you need more or less personal property coverage.  Coverage for plants and trees, debris removal etc.

California Fair Plan also offers coverage for manufactured homes, condo unit owners, rental properties, short term rentals, and secondary homes.

We can go over all of your options and help make the process easy with the California Fair Plan.   Call us today 619-299-6000 or submit your quote request and happy to help.

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