Homeowners insurance in San Diego

When was the last time that you reviewed your home insurance in San Diego?

Do you have an impound account with your mortgage? Regardless, you can shop your insurance and happy to help do a coverage review when you are ready. As an independent insurance agency in San Diego, our office has access to competitive insurance carriers for your home insurance. Have you been non renewed due to your location or claims history? We might have solutions and access to homeowners insurance carriers to help with your needs.

Bundling or packaging your homeowners insurance in San Diego with your car insurance is a great way to save on your insurance and take advantage of discounts. Also consider a higher deductible to save on your home insurance if you are comfortable. More and more people are going with higher deductibles on their homeowners insurance to save on their rates.

Call or text us today at 619-299-6000 and we can do a coverage comparison for you!

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